Flexibility & Influence of coach behaviour – detail

Flexibility & Influence of coach behaviour

Just like a player needs to improve their catch pass or tackle technique, the coaches leadership elasticity is a skill that needs to be developed and progressed.

The ability of the coach to identify their leadership behaviour and the leadership expectations of their player is a valuable tool, but being able to shift your leadership behaviour as a coach is key,

If an player perceives a coach as helpful & supportive, she or he will have a positive view of their coach and a positive sporting experience. They will have increased self-esteem and ongoing participation in the sport, with positive experiences.

The coaches behaviour is a significant driver of the players outcomes of competence, confidence, connection, character. The intrinsic characteristics of the coach will determine either a positive or negative outcomes for the player.

CALM Leadership – Flexibility and Influence Coach Behaviour will help you understand how your coaching leadership interacts within your Rugby environment’.

As a coach you need to understand your leadership potential and your limitations, to enable you to be fluid with the player, their characteristics and leadership requirements.

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