Player Decision Making

"Decision making is a moment in time that differ and change in varying context."

- mike ashford - leeds beckett university phd

During this program you will :

Choose your Player Decision Making course option:

+ Online Workshop  

+ Access to topic questionnaire(s) and review with TRS resource
+1 x Mentor session with TRS Mentor – online

What is the course about?

The ‘coach leader’ is focused on developing the player and making them the best they can be in their sport. The coach will put the players ahead of their own self-interest. 

They want to create players who think with independence, creativity and are confident to make decisions. 

The CALM Leadership – Decision Making Program will provide tools to help players understand how to tap into the range of available responses in circumstances where an action is needed, including the environmental information needed for a decision perceived by the senses, mainly the visual system.

Decision making is a trainable skill, and there are a number of applied theories that can be implemented into your coaching and training environments.  Imagine a fly half with a high level of expert knowledge sitting in a pocket preparing for a drop goal, e.g. Jonny Wilkinson, they have had many inputs of this picture or views of this over years and years, and they draw on that memory to select the right time to deliver the output, in this case a drop goal. 

How as a coach can you develop and train this decision making skill.

Player Decision Making

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