The Brain behind Coaching and Mental Health

"A player has trillions and trillions of learning potential based on their brain."

- Leading neuro education scientist - Dr Kieran O'Mahoney

During this program you will:

Choose your The Brain behind Coaching and Mental Health course option:

+ Online workshop

+ Access to topic questionnaire(s) and review with TRS resource
+1 x Mentor session with TRS Mentor – online

What is the course about?

Leading Neuroscientist Kieran O’Mahoney frames how our brains work, and how mental health issues are directly related to how our brain works.

Kieran, backgrounds:

  • the short short genre and how that cycles down to depression and suicide.
  • Fight/flight/stress- the worst and best outcomes based on environment.
  • Over-achievers vs those in prison and suicides – how are they the same but different.
  • What is your ‘Greenhouse’ and what does it look like for your family, friends, community, work, club, and team.

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