CALM Leadership Modules

"A process of interpersonal influence that is dependent upon the relationship between coach and athletes, and is used to facilitate the athlete outcomes of competence, confidence, connection and character

- Vella, Oates & Crowe 2010

CALM – Coach Athlete Leadership Management program can help you develop that coach leadership.

The program uses content proved from world leading sports coaches and supported by the latest in Sports Leadership Research.

CALM Level 1 - Understanding your Leadership Capability

Introduction Leadership Philosophy

James and team

Effective Communication

Building Team Culture

Leadership Capability

CALM level 2 - Building Coach Leadership with your Players

Understand Coaching Flexibility

Athlete Learning Styles

Influence of Coach Behaviour

Player Decision Making

CALM level 3 - Developing your Coach Leadership

My Coach Leadership Style

My Coach Leadership Elasticity

My Athlete's Leadership Maturity


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