CALM Overview

Understanding coach leadership

There are three critical elements to successful coach leadership: Why, How, and What.


The Coach Athlete Leadership Management (CALM) programme is designed to develop both the coach and their athlete in parallel. It helps improve performance outcomes by aligning the coach-athlete relationship based on their leadership capability maturity. 


CALM helps determine a coach’s leadership capability and their athletes’ leadership maturity. It then provides practical tools to enhance the coach-athlete relationship and hones in on the skill of elastic leadership behaviour, which is essential for successful coaching outcomes. This is achieved through an objective and subjective appraisal of the coach’s and athletes’ leadership beliefs. 


Coach leadership is a behavioural and social process that helps the athlete to grow their rugby skill competence, personal confidence, character in the team culture, and connection with their coach and teammates. 

The critical tool

The key tool to develop and grow the coach-athlete relationship is communication; ensuring it is aligned to the athlete’s leadership expectations and needs.





Self Learning and Reflection


Group Workshops


Resources to Implement


Keep Talking

Multi-stage interactive process

The coach leadership education programme is divided into stages. Each stage progresses and grows the coach’s knowledge and skills, including giving them practical takeaways to apply at coaching practices.

The programme is interactive, educational, and practical, with a focus on keeping it real and relevant. Unlike other e-learning environments, the CALM programme offers thought provoking group workshops to enhance the coach’s leadership learning experience.

The culmination of the programme is to use the skills and knowledge in learned in coaching leadership to develop an applied rugby player centric development program using the CALM Matrix process as a coach leader.

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