Coach Leadership Capability

"Coach Leadership is essential for player and team success"

- Australia and ex England Head coach Eddie Jones

During this program you will:

  • You will understand your coach leadership style.
  • Increase your leadership knowledge and the applied use of the knowledge.

Through this program you will hear from the likes of: Graham Henry, Joe Schmidt, Brendon Ratcliffe, Ben Herring, Lesley McKenzie.

Plus, most importantly the opportunity to interact with your fellow coaches from around the world.

At the end, you will have tools and understanding to develop an effective Leadership philosophy that you can adopt and grow with your profession and team.

Choose your Coach Leadership Capability course option:

+ Online Self Learning modules only

+ Online Workshop  

+ Access to topic questionnaire(s) and review with TRS resource
+1 x Mentor session with TRS Mentor – online

What is the course about?

Coaching is a social process. You  need to know your players. The interpersonal relationships in coaching is a central theme for the growth of a coaches leadership capability. 
‘The ability of the coach to identify their leadership capability and the level of leadership maturity of the player is an essential tool’.
The key factors that influence the coach-player relationship are closeness or connection, along with the mutual commitment, dedication and engagement.  
The coach needs to relate to the setting they are leading, display good perception and judgment, combined with exceptional values.  ‘You need to know who you are as a coach leader’.
Coach Leadership – Capability will help you  positively change the player outcomes of: Competence, Confidence, Connection and Character.

Leadership Capability & Communication

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