Athlete Learning Styles

"Players don't always hear what you say."

- sir graham henry - world cup winning all blacks coach

During this program you will :

Choose your Leadership Athlete Learning Styles course option:

+ Online Workshop  

+ Access to topic questionnaire(s) and review with TRS resource
+1 x Mentor session with TRS Mentor – online

Athlete Learning Styles

What is the course about?

Athlete Learning Styles

The great leaders in coaching understand their people and how they learn.  

There are four specific learning modes: visual, aural, reading and kinesthetic.  The player will often choose the most appropriate and suitable learning mode/s for them if they are given the opportunity.  The ‘coach leader’ needs to be aware of the modes of learning that the player best relates too, some will be Multi-Modal learners, and often they will have two or more modes, e.g. Visual and Kinesthetic.

As coach leaders and teaches of information, we also need to be aware of the information capacity of our players, and when they are overloaded, and when the information stops becoming effective. This is also know as cognitive load limitation, when our working memory is capped out, and learning stops.  

 The CALM Leadership – Athlete Learning Style Program will assist you to identify and individualise the technical and tactical learning methods for the players you lead.

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