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  • 11 Self Learning Modules available

  • Unique, practical up to date 

  • Applicable for all coaching levels

  • Available by module or by series 

  • Self learning resources

  • relevant content to your coaching

  • Leadership analysis, !;! Mentoring and Workshops available

Progress at your speed

Self Learning

Self Learning with reflective review and workshop.

Self Learning with reflective review and workshop. Plus TRS mentor tutorial.

Personalised 1:1 mentoring with TRS mentor.

Latest releases

Coach Leadership Philosophy

Develop your coach leadership philosophy.

Through this program you will hear from the likes of 
Wayne Smith, Joe Schmidt, Ben Herring, and Brian Ashton.

Build your Team Culture

Understand the key components to building a positive Team Culture.

Through this program you will hear from the likes of:
Graham Henry, Mike Cron, Tony Brown, Eddie Jones, and Warren Gatland. 

Why use CALM leadership?

Based on leading education neuroscience and and best coach leadership research from across the globe.

Understand your why

We help you determine your personal calling, conviction, and mission; what you want to create through your coaching.

Share ideas

Share ideas with coaches from around the world in collaborative workshops.

Self- learning resources

Location and availability are no obstacles as you learn online at your pace and level.


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