Leadership Practices

"Everybody will make a snap judgement based on their past experience of what they think they know"

- japan women's head coach lesley mckenzie

During this program you will:

  • Understand leadership and the key tools of  coach Leadership Practices.
Through this program you will hear from the likes of:
Sean Tagg and leading Sports Researchers.
Plus, the opportunity to interact with your fellow coaches from around the world.
At the end, you will have the tools and understanding to develop an effective Leadership Practices that you can adapt and grow with your coaching and teams.

Choose your Coach Leadership Practices course option:

+ Online Self Learning modules only

+ Online Workshop

+ Access to topic questionnaire(s) and review with TRS resource
+1 x Mentor session with TRS Mentor – online

What is the course about?

Leadership Practices

Coaching and leadership are often viewed as one in the same, and coaches are seen by default as leaders.

Leadership is essential in coaching of sports for growth & development, but many coaches don’t understand how leadership principles relates to their environment’.

The CALM program is a practical learning environment that addresses the gap in coach leadership education & development.


Coach Leadership Practices

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