CALM courses making a difference

CALM Coach Leadership Workshops have helped coaches across 5 sports, in 11 different countries, to deliver better outcomes for the coach and sports leadership space. 

The CALM program adopts the Neural Education Development model, developed by Professor Kieran O’Mahony, which is a proven game changer for coaches. CALM focusses on coaches’ learning and needs, and stimulates innovative thinking and new perspectives. Importantly, CALM is as relevant for community coaches as it is in professional environments.

In a survey of 80 coaches who attended the course during Sept-Oct 2021, we found that:

  • 100% of coaches felt it was time well invested;
  • 80% of coaches saw direct improvement in their ability to maintain relevance with their players;
  • 100% of coaches felt the power of connecting and engaging with other coaches from around the world;
  • 90% of coaches used the resource library after the sessions; and
  • 85% of coaches believed that they got better outcomes from their training sessions after the course.

These coaches were from a variety of levels including junior coaches, teenager / high school coaches, senior coaches and coaches in the professional game.

“There is no secret formula here. If you bring the world’s best coach educators together with community coaches, wrap them in a proven learning framework and offer them great follow up material – you will get success. We know it works because we see those lightbulb moments at every workshop and hear the results from the feedback sessions.” Phil Connolly – CEO CALM Leadership.

CALM is building the capability and capacity of coach leaders in sport, which will benefit the athletes and their local sporting communities.

Free online research article: Influence of the teaching methods and the leadership profile of the coach in relation to the positive development of young athletes:

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