Coach leadership practices & Team culture – detail

Coach leadership practices & Team culture

Leadership Practices

Coaching and leadership are often viewed as one in the same, and coaches are seen by default as leaders. ‘Leadership is essential in coaching of sports for growth & development, but many coaches don’t understand how leadership principles relates to their environment’.

The CALM program is a practical learning environment that addresses the gap in coach leadership education & development.

Team Culture

What is ‘team culture’? Why is important in a team environment? Why do rugby’s most successful coaches always prioritise ‘Team Culture’?
You will hear from Coach Leaders on The Rugby Site as they explain ‘team culture’ and why it is important to their teams and their success in the CALM Program.
The one thing that must exist before you can build a strong team culture, is to have your coach leadership practices and principles established, where the players have mutual respect and trust for you as their leader. The foundation of creating a team culture is the leadership you demonstrate as their coach. ‘You can’t grow team culture without first having solid leadership practices embedded’.

A successful team culture is built on trust, shared values and aligned vision/purpose. The players support one another with a collective responsibility to excellence and accountability for their outcomes on and off the field.
CALM leadership – Team Culture: The easiest thing to see; the hardest to get to. This program will give you a roadmap to enable you to develop yours.

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