21 Day Challenge

Want to give your players a great experience?

In 21 days find out how your Coach Leadership influences your coaching and your players’ experience.

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Push your boundaries and develop your coaching

How does the 21 Challenge work?

  1. Sign up
  2. Get added to the CALM 21 day Challenge Facebook Group
  3. Watch and read the introduction resources
  4. Receive new resources to review and reflect 5 days of the week
  5. Attend the online workshop at the end of the week

Week 1 – What is Coach Leadership Capability?

Understanding leadership and the key tool of leadership.

Watch and reflect on:

  1. Eddie Jones define Coach Leadership
  2. The difference between coaching and coach leadership
  3. Why coach leadership is important to your players’ success
  4.  Why coach leadership is relevant
  5. An example of successful Coach Leadership development – James Semple

Week 2 – What is YOUR Coach Leadership Capability?

Understanding YOUR Coach Capability. As a coach, understanding who you are as a leader.

Watch and reflect on:

  1. The art of Coaching
  2. Wayne Smith talk about coaching flexibility
  3. Sir Graham Henry explaining how you have to change with your players
  4. Complete the CALM questionnaire
  5. Introduction to the CALM matrix

Week 3 – Components of Coach Leadership?

Understanding leadership and the key tools of leadership, especially your coaching ‘WHY’, Coach Leadership Practices and building a Team Culture. 

Watch and reflect on:

  1. Wayne Smith talking about your coaching ‘why‘ 
  2. Key Transformational Leadership model
  3. Sir Graham Henry and Wayne Smith talking about developing as a coach and removing the fear of coaching
  4. Sir Graham Henry talks about holistic self improvement
  5. Brian Ashton talks about having a coaching purpose
the workshop timings are in local time
Workshop Schedule        
RegionIntroduction WorkshopWeek 1Week 2Week 3
Asia/Pacific (NZT)June 4th8.00pmJune 11th8.00pmJune 18th8.00pmJune 25th8.00pm
North America (EST)June 4th8.00pmJune 11th8.00pmJune 18th8.00pmJune 25th8.00pm
UK/Europe/Africa (GMT)June 4th8.00pmJune 11th8.00pmJune 18th8.00pmJune 25th8.00pm
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